Registration for WCA 2022 for Ukrainian cheese producers continues!

The press service of ProCheese from Ardis group reminds you that this year, the organizers of one of the largest cheese competitions in the world made participation free for 50 cheeses from Ukraine.

Both large and small producers can register. The main thing is to have the necessary documents and submit an application by September 15.

«‎We will organize a national stand for tasting and presentation of those Ukrainian cheeses that have been selected for the competition. For cheese producers, this is an opportunity to introduce chain buyers and event visitors to their product in absentia and increase export potential. In general, more than 10,000 guests from different parts of the world are expected at the event,» Ardis Group representatives note. So, this year, the delivery of Ukrainian cheeses to Great Britain will take place with the support of Switzerland as part of the Quality FOOD Trade Program.

The project organizers also informed that all participants will be included in the printed cheese guide «Cheeses of Ukraine», which will be distributed at the event.

The following have already joined the selection for the World Cheese Awards:

Syrni Mandry;
Altyniv cheese factory;
Chesnykivsky cheese;
Dooobra Farm; (read as Dobra Farm)
Syry vid Fermera;
Molochna Maisternya;
Mukko and others.

«Sending cheese to the WCA is about achieving our goal since we first started making cheese. Previously, we were getting acquainted with the event, and when we wanted to enter the competition on our own, unfortunately, it did not work out for us. Neither the embassies nor the Chamber of Commerce and Industry could help us at that time. This year we have been looking forward to the World Cheese Awards in Ukraine. Although the event has been moved to Britain, we are excited to finally present our cheese to the international community. This is a real challenge and excitement», shares the owner of the Jersey cheese factory, Victoria Knish.

“For us, as craft producers, WCA is primarily an exchange of experience and an assessment of the global community. To be worthy of presenting one’s cheese on a level with the whole world is an honor and a pleasure,” adds Anna Semenova, representative of Dooobra Farma.

World Cheese Awards is an extraordinary opportunity to declare your brand and glorify Ukraine with your cheese in case of victory.

Registration and details:

The activity is carried out with the support of Switzerland as part of the Swiss-Ukrainian program «Development of trade with higher added value in the organic and dairy sectors of Ukraine», which is implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland) in partnership with SAFOSO AG (Switzerland).

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