The war made adjustments in many people’s lives and businesses, including Ukrainian cheesemakers’ affairs. Some have completely changed their assortment and business model, others are experiencing a period of lack of customers, and some have lost the opportunity to produce cheese altogether due to shelling or occupation.

We conducted several interviews with cheese producers and, regardless of the situation in which the business is, we heard something in common – each cheese maker seeks to develop and, after victory, either return to the previous rhythm of work or increase production volumes several times.

This is why we invite cheese makers to the free course «Theory of professional cheese making» from the Academy of Cheese and ProCheese Academy!

The uniqueness of the «Theory of Professional Cheesemaking» course program:

  • Free and in a convenient format. Not everyone has the opportunity to improve their qualifications abroad or to invite a world expert to their home. You will touch top expertise without leaving your home.
  • Ability to improve production processes. You will gain a fundamental understanding of processes based on science.
  • You can choose which product to improve yourself. The expert will review the recipe and technology of cheese production chosen by the participants.
  • Improve your own products. An expert will tell you how to avoid the most common cheese defects.
  • One step closer to exporting to the EU market. Thanks to the understanding of European quality standards, you will be able to realize your ambitions to expand production.
  • Easy perception of information. You do not need to understand English. Simultaneous Ukrainian translation will be available at the course.

The lecturer is Paul Thomas, dairy technical consultant, hygiene expert, and instructor on cheese-making supporting businesses worldwide. Paul is a technical director and lecturer at the Academy of Cheese, UK, director and co-founder of the cheese business Urstrom Kaese GmbH, Germany.

«I am offering my time for free to Ukrainian cheesemakers as a result of this senseless and barbaric war. I consider it my moral duty to do whatever I can to help.  I can assist cheesemakers in developing their skills, in order to grow their businesses and help to rebuild the economy after this horror is over and then, hopefully, prepare them for trade with the European Union,» the expert notes.

Be attentive! The program is suitable for those who have been making and selling cheese for more than 1-2 years or are engaged in cheesemaking at a professional level, regardless of the size of your production.

You can leave an application for participation and find out the details by following the link: Acceptance of applications is until September 7.

Project initiators: Ardis Group, a cheese importer and producer, and a community of cheese connoisseurs created by Ardis Group called ProCheese.

The Academy of Cheese is a British not-for-profit educational organization promoting professional cheese knowledge and careers in the cheese industry. The Academy supports cheese producers in order to ensure the prosperity of the industry to work with interested consumers.

ProCheese Academy is the first cheese Academy in Ukraine that trains certified cheese professionals – cheesemongers and cheese sommeliers. For 3 years, we have been conducting online and offline training for those who want to acquire a cheese profession or deepen their knowledge. In addition, we organize events for cheese lovers and consult businesses.

The activity is carried out with the support of Switzerland as part of the Swiss-Ukrainian program «Development of trade with higher added value in the organic and dairy sectors of Ukraine», implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland) in partnership with SAFOSO AG (Switzerland). The author(s) are solely responsible for the content of this publication. The views of the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of SECO, FiBL, SAFOSO AG,

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