World Cheese Awards is the largest cheese competition in Europe. This year, 39 cheeses from Ukraine took part in the international cheese competition in Great Britain for the first time. It became possible thanks to the Ardis Group company and the ProCheese community — the official representatives of Ukraine at the WCA, with the support of Switzerland within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian Quality Food Trade Program.

A total of 4,434 cheeses from 42 countries of the world took part in the event. Two hundred fifty international judges evaluated them. This year, 13 Ukrainian cheeses received awards and honors from the international board.

“I am incredibly glad that we managed to do what we have dreamed of for so long — to put Ukraine on the cheese map of the world. This is a historical event! For the first time in the entire cheese history of our country, the world learned about Ukrainian cheeses and tasted them. The result is 13 winners from different regions who received honorary awards. I am incredibly proud and happy!” shares Oksana Chernova, ProCheese cheese expert and judge from Ukraine at the World Cheese Awards.


  • «Mukko Vytrymanyi», Mukko, Lviv region; 
  • «Mukko Koziachyi», Mukko, Lviv region;
  • «Lehenda», Dooobra Ferma, Kyiv region;
  • «Goat Fore Nuir», Lisova Koza, Kirovohrad region; 
  • «Cheddar», Staryi Porytsk, Volyn region;
  • «Black Chedder», O’BEREG, Sumy region;
  • «Lancashire Al Pacino», O’BEREG, Sumy region.


  • «Bohuslavskyi», RORY, Kyiv region; 
  • «Shevr Shedevr», Dooobra Ferma, Kyiv region; 
  • «Gouda», Yevropeiska Syrovarnia, Odesa region;
  • «Zolote Runo», Jersey, Lviv region.


«Vihola», Syroman, Kyiv region.

Super Gold:

«Syrna Torbynka», Stanislavska Syrovarnia, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

“It was a lot of hard work by our Ardis and ProCheese team. It was worth the extra effort and huge resources. But I am delighted that it was not in vain. We have been working towards this for 4 years. And despite all the difficulties, we did it. We managed to simultaneously bring cheeses to the competition, organize a national stand and get as many as 13 victories!” says Natalia Kagadiy, director of the ProCheese department at Ardis Group.

The slogan representing Ukraine at the WCA is “Freedom tastes great”. For the global cheese community, Ukrainian cheese makers have become the personification of courageous Ukrainian businesses — even in the face of difficulties, they continue to do what they love.

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